our belief

The right coaching can change
your business.

Our program is an invite-only program built for CEOs & executives who have 20+ employees, $1m+ in revenue or have venture funding.

Most coaching programs do 360 reviews, teach you frameworks, and give you a process of how to do things.
This is not that. We can recommend books for that and we have templates for you.
Here’s what we’re facing - work has changed, but coaching hasn’t.

People are pretty much the same, but the expectations and the pressures we encounter have changed (understatement of the year, we know). 

Coaching needs to evolve and reflect the change.

We get it. We’ve been there. We are coaches who have been CEOs, media innovators, and founders. 

The #1 thing we’ve learned along the way -  curiosity and empathy are the superpowers of leaders. We believe a world with more empathy is a world where everything works better. That’s our stake in the matter at ask.

That’s why "ask." exists.

We’re here for the leaders who are sick of faking omnipotence and for the teams who are dying to grow and excel.  

Our approach is for everyone who has grown tired of the know-it-all, command and control approach and wants to see the team thrive.  

Which means it’s not for everyone. 

“The human condition is imperfection. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.” Katherine Center

If these criteria fit and you have a strong willingness for change, we start by asking some simple questions. Get in touch one of two ways.

Tell us 3 persistent work complaints that you want to stop entertaining. Bonus if you’re willing to share ways you’ve tried to impact these and it didn’t work out.
What 3 questions would you ask if you wanted to see if a person was ready for a coach? Write those down, answer each of them in 2-3 sentences, hit send.   

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Everything starts with a question.
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