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A podcast with a simple idea.
Let's ask questions most people don't ask.


David Marquet
David Marquet
WSJ Best-Selling Author of Turn the Ship Around & Leadership is Language,
Former Nuclear Submarine Captain
David Marquet
Amanda Bradford
CEO of The League
David Marquet
Simon Sinek
NYTimes & WSJ Best-Selling Author of Start With Why & The Infinite Game
David Marquet
Tanya Khakbaz
Product leader at Stripe, Square, & Accompany
David Marquet
Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO Vaynermedia,
NYTimes Best-Selling Author
David Marquet
Jason Fried
Co-Founder & CEO of Basecamp, NYTimes Best-Selling Author
David Marquet
Grant Imahara
Host of Mythbusters &
Electrical Engineer
David Marquet
Chase Jarvis
Photographer and CEO of
David Marquet
Brad Feld
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, &
Best-Selling Author
Everything starts with a question.
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